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Commun Sci Disord. 2004;9(3): 139-156.
The Effects of the Phonetic Complexity on the Disfluencies and the Articulation Errors of People Who stutter
Eun Ju Lee` , Jin Soon Han` , and Hyun Sub Sim`
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이은주(Eun Ju Lee)| 한진순(Jin Soon Han)| 심현섭(Hyun Sub Sim)
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The aim of the present study was to investigate how the phonetic complexity influences on the disfluencies and articulation errors of people who stutter. The participants were 10 children(9 boys and 1 girl) and 10 male adults. The subjects read the P-FA passages, and then each of the productions were divided into words. The types of disfluencies and articulation errors were identified and the scores of the phonetic complexity were calculated on the basis of the Index of Phonetic Complexity(Jakielski, 1998). According to the result of correlation analyses, it was found that there was a significant but weak correlation between the phonetic complexity scores and the articulation errors, and the phonetic complexity had a significant but weak correlation with the disfluencies. The disfluencies and the articulation errors showed a significant but weak correlation in the child group, while this was not found in the adult group. It was found that words that had higher phonetic complexity scores also showed more articulation errors and disfluencies. Adults were more influenced by the phonetic complexity in their articulation errors than the children, and this difference could not be found for the disfluencies. These results support that the phonetic structure of the words is an influential factor affecting disfluencies and articulation errors.
Keywords: 조음복잡성 | 비유창성 | 조음오류 | 조음복잡성지표 | phonetic complexity/difficulty | disfluency | articulation error
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