Commun Sci Disord. 2018;23(1): 31-42.
Published online March 31, 2018.
doi: https://doi.org/10.12963/csd.18464
Parents’ Perception of Their Typically Developing Children’s Language Development and Language Therapy
Da Young Kima , Bul Hee Chuna , and Hyun Jung Leeb
aDepartment of Rehabilitation Sciences, Graduate School of Honam University, Gwangju, Korea
bDepartment of Speech Language Pathology, Honam University, Gwangju, Korea
Corresponding Author: Hyun Jung Lee ,Tel: +82-62-940-5520, Fax: +82-62-940-5196, Email: slplee@honam.ac.kr
Received January 5, 2018  Revised: February 8, 2018   Accepted February 15, 2018
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the parent perception of their typically developing children’s language development and language therapy.
A questionnaire was developed to examine the parent perception of their typically developing children’s language development and language problems, and of speech-language therapy. One hundred and ninety-two parents of children in early childhood participated in the survey.
First, results indicated that parents perceived that language development was most important among early childhood developmental domains and interaction with caregivers was the most effective way to promote their children’s language development. Second, although most parents have heard of the term ‘speech-language therapy’, their perception of detailed intervention areas in speech-language therapy is not relatively high. Third, they perceived that speech-language therapy was most needed when children’s language development was delayed and the communication breakdown occurs.
The study results need to be considered to develop parent education program in speech-language pathology areas for accurate information on language development and language problems in early childhood and on how to use the speech-language therapy services.
Keywords: Parent perception | Early childhood | Language therapy
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