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Commun Sci Disord. 1998;3(1): 123-138.
Computer and Language Assessment : Korean Computerized Language Analysis-1.0
So Young Pae` , Kwang Seon Kim` , Kyung Hoon Sung` , and Jin Ah Sung`
Copyright ©1998 The Korean Academy of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
배소영(So Young Pae)| 김광선(Kwang Seon Kim)| 성경훈(Kyung Hoon Sung)| 성진아(Jin Ah Sung)
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The Korean Comput erized Lan gu age Analy sis (KCLA )- 1.0 is a comput er softwar e progr am t o analy ze Kor ean speech s amples . T his progr am is design ed for speech - lan gu age clinician s/ teacher s who a s ses s languag e ability of th e childr en . KCLA - 1.0 can be u s ed once a r epr es ent at iv e speech samples ar e obt ained. T h e r esult s we can ex pect t o gain from KCLA - 1.0 an aly ses ar e as follow s : r aw t r an s cription dat a, informat ion on tr an script s , in dividu al t r an s cript s , utt er an ce types , the list s of words and gr ammat ical morphemes , informat ion on MLU and T T R, an d the u ser - specific coding s . In the utt er an ce type an aly sis , ut ter an ces ar e an aly zed in terms of int elligibility , speaker turn s , ut t er ance len gth , and ut t er ance ov erlap. T h e word an d gr ammatical morpheme list s provide t oken s of each word type with ext en ded informat ion on gr ammat ical morphemes at t ached t o each word. T hes e list s can be u sed t o ev alu at e the child s fav orit e words an d meaning sophisticat ion . T he MLU an d T T R sect ion provides the r esult s of th e mean length of ut t er ances in both words (MLUw ) and word plu s gr ammatical morphemes (MLUm ). KCLA - 1.0 also provides u s with thr ee types of T T R (T ype - T oken Rat io): T T Rw , i.e., the type - t oken r at io ex clu siv ely ba sed on the word informat ion ; T T Rgm, the type- token r atio based on the gr ammat ical morpheme informat ion ; T T Rm which inclu des the informat ion of both lex ical and gr ammatical morph emes . T he u ser specific codin g s giv e each u ser some degr ee of flexibility in u sin g KCLA - 1.0. F urthermor e, KCLA - 1.0 allow s int r a - in dividu al t empor al comparison s of a child s language samples obtained in two or mor e differ ent occasion s.
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