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Commun Sci Disord. 1998;3(1): 35-49.
A St udy for Analyzing Spontaneous Speech of Korean Adults with CIU Scoring System
Miseon Kwon` , Hyanghee Kim` , Sang-sook Choi` , Duk LNa` , and Kwang-Ho Lee`
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권미선(Miseon Kwon)| 김향희(Hyanghee Kim)| 최상숙(Sang-sook Choi)| 나덕렬(Duk L. Na)| 이광호(Kwang-Ho Lee)
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An an aly sis of sp on t an eou s sp eech of pat ien t s wit h b r ain dam ag e prov ides clin ically u s eful inform at ion . H ow ev er , a sy s t em at ic m eth od for an aly zin g spont an eou s sp eech h a s b een dev elop ed on ly r ecen t ly . T h e pu rpos e of th is s tu dy w a s t o int rodu ce th e Corr ect In form at ion Unit (CIU ) met h od for th e aph a sic pat ien t s an d t o pr ov ide n orm at iv e dat a on sp on t an eou s speech of Kor ean adu lt s . Eig ht y n on - br ain - dam ag ed adult s w er e div ided in t o th r ee a g e g r ou p s , fou r edu cat ion al g r ou p s , an d tw o gr oup s of m en an d w om en . Sp eech s amples of pictu r e des cript ion s (K -WAB ) w er e obt ain ed an d an aly zed u sin g the CIU method. Main v ariables of this analy sis wer e syllables/minut e, words/ minute, CIUs/ minut e, %CIU (CIUs/ words x 100), an d mazes/ minut e. T h e result s sh ow ed n o ag e or s ex differ en ces in all m ea su r es . On th e oth er h an d , t h e edu cat ion al lev el w a s a sig nifican t fact or in all mea su r e s ex cept for m azes/ min ut e. We pr ov ided th e n orm at iv e dat a an d pr es ent ed a ca s e of a p at ien t w ith Wern ick e s aph a sia u sin g t h e CIU m eth od .
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