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Commun Sci Disord. 1998;3(1): 68-84.
A Study on the Vowel Product ion Ability of Cerebral-Palsied Children
Hyun-sub Sim` , and Ji-Eun Park`
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심현섭(Hyun-sub Sim)| 박지은(Ji-Eun Park)
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ing on two subtypes of cerebr al palsy , spast ic an d ath et oid. F or this purpos e, comparison s of v owel cont r ast s wer e made between the cerebr al- palsied group T he pr esent study at t empt s t o ex amin e the v owel product ion ability of cerebr alpalsied childr en (N =12) at th e single word (CVC combinat ion ) lev el by measurin g the high - low and front - back v owel contr ast s and th e speech int elligibility focu s - an d the age -mat ch ed group of normal childr en (N=10) by measurin g th e fir st (F 1 ) an d s econ d formant (F 2 ) fr equ en cies a s sociat ed w ith differ en t v ow els . Resu lt s r ev ealed th at th e cer ebr al - palsied gr oup sh ow ed limit ed ability in con t r asting v owels compar ed with the n ormal group. Howev er , no dist in ct differ en ces in v owel cont r ast s were found between the athet oid and spastic types . Secon dly , in order t o a s ses s the speech intelligibility , the formant triangle areas which were plott ed by the mean v alues of F 1 and F2 for the three v owels of / i/ , / u/ , and / a/ wer e compar ed among th e thr ee group s . It was ob serv ed that (1) the n ormal group ex hibit ed larg er ar ea than th e cer ebr al - palsied group an d that (2) the spast ic group showed larger ar ea than the athetoid group. T h e findin g s sug gest that speech types of athet oid and spast ic cer ebr al - palsied childr en can b e distinguish ed from each other by the different ar eas of formant t rian gles r ather than by th e v owel cont r ast s per se.
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