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Commun Sci Disord. 2011;16(1): 23-33.
The Relationship among the Reading and Writing Abilities and Oral Language Skills of School-Aged Low-Achievers in Language Learning
Hyunsook Heo` , Kyoung Mi Kwag` , and Yoonkyoung Lee`
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허현숙(Hyunsook Heo)|곽경미(Kyoung Mi Kwag)|이윤경(Yoonkyoung Lee)
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Background & objectives: The purpose of the study is to investigate the relationship between the written language and oral language skills of low-achievers in language learning.
The participants included 28 children, 14 low-achievers in language learning and 14 typically developing age-matched children with LLD. KISE-BAAT (Park et al., 2008) was used to measure reading and writing, and oral language skills were measured using LSSC (Lee, 2007), REVT (Kim et al, 2008) and spontaneous language analysis. Descriptive statistics and ANCOVA were used to compare the language differences between the two sample groups. Pearson's correlation analysis was performed to examine the relationship between oral and written abilities.
In all areas task of LSSC and REVT, low-achievers had significantly lower written and oral language abilities compared to those of normal children. All of the groups showed a significant correlation among reading, writing, and most oral language skills, while the low-achievers showed a significant correlation between lexicon and grammar scores.
Discussion & Conclusion
The low-achievers in language learning demonstrated significantly poorer performances compared to those of children with TD in the all of the oral language skills, which were observed to be closely related to reading and writing skills.
Keywords: 언어학습부진 | 읽기와 쓰기학습능력 | 구어능력 | 자발적 발화 | low-achievers in language learning | written language skills | oral language skills
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