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Commun Sci Disord. 2009;14(3): 380-392.
Treatment Effects of Voice Therapy for Hypernasality in Children with Cochlear Implants
Eunah Choi` , Mi Sun Yoon` , and Cheol-jae Seong`
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최은아(Eunah Choi)| 윤미선(Mi Sun Yoon)| 성철재(Cheol-jae Seong)
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children with cochlear implant (CI) comparing that of children with normal hearing and to verify the effects of voice therapy on improving the hypernasality observed in CI children .
The nasalance scores of 7 Korean vowels (/a, ʌ, o, u, ɯ, i, ɛ/) pronounced by 10children with CI (G1) and 10 children with NH (G2) matching sex and chronological age were measured by Dr. Speech. Voice therapy was performed 2 times a week and 40 minutes a session during 8 weeks. Their nasalance scores were measured 3 times (before and after 4 and 8 weeks of the training).
Results of nasalance value of children with CI were as follows: means of nasalance scores of G1 (CI) were significantly higher than those of G2 (NH) in all 7 vowels (p < .05). Means of high vowels were significantly higher than those of low vowels in both groups (p < .05). The result of voice therapy showed that there were significant differences in nasalance scores in all 7 vowels (p < .05).
Discussion & Conclusion
Participants in thisstudy were implanted over the age 5 and have used the device more than 2 years. Although they have improved auditory feedback through CI, their voice were evaluated as being hypernasal. After voice therapy, nasalance scores were decreased to the range of children with normal hearing.
Keywords: 인공와우 | 비성도 | 음성치료 | 청각적 피드백 | 과대비성 | 음성치료 효과 | 공명장애 hypernasality
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