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Commun Sci Disord. 2006;11(2): 1-16.
Effects of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training with the Healthy Elderly on Speech
Jaeock Kim` , and Christine M Sapienza`
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김재옥(Jaeock Kim)| Christine M, Sapienza(크리스틴 사피엔자)
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Age-related loss of muscle strength in expiratory muscles with reductions in elastic recoil of the lungs and chest wall compliance may compromise necessary lung pressure for a variety of speech tasks. This study examined the effects of a 4-week expiratory muscle strength training(EMST) program in 18 healthy elderly adults as measured by maximum expiratory pressure(MEP) as well as intraoral pressure(PO) for speech. MEP as well as PO at the softest possible intensity level, phonation threshold pressure(Pth), and the loudest possible intensity level(PL) were measured. The results indicated significant improvements in MEP and PO at the loudest possible intensity level. This study supported that EMST may be an effective way to change or compensate for age-related neuromuscular deterioration in expiratory muscles, which can be utilized to increase vocal intensity.
Keywords: 호기근 강화훈련 | 최대호기압력 | 구강내압 | expiratory muscle strength training(EMST) | maximum expiratory pressure(MEP) | intraoral pressure(PO)
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