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Commun Sci Disord. 2005;10(3): 57-70.
Predictor Variables of Speech Intelligibility after Cochlear Implant in Korean Prelingually Deafened Children
Mi Sun Yoon` , Hyun Sub Sim` , Sun O Chang` , and Chong Sun Kim`
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윤미선(Mi Sun Yoon)| 심현섭(Hyun Sub Sim)| 장선오(Sun O Chang)| 김종선(Chong Sun Kim)
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After cochlear implantation, speech perception abilities and speech intelligibility of children with hearing impairment usually have improved. However, there are individual variations in their performance of speech intelligibility. The current study aimed to identify the factors influencing the post-cochlear implant speech intelligibility which enhance communication ability. The speech intelligibility of forty prelingually deafened children aged 5 - 12 years who had undergone cochlear implant surgery was evaluated. Regression analysis was employed to examine the relationship between speech intelligibility and three independent factors: implantation age, pre-implantation linguistic ability and duration of implant device use. Regression analysis revealed that the speech intelligibility of post-cochlear implant was influenced by both age factor and linguistic ability factor. That is, cochlear surgery at an earlier age and better linguistic ability both led to greater improvement in speech intelligibility. The results suggested that in order to maximize the speech intelligibility after cochlear implant, firstly the cochlear implant needs to be done at an early age, and secondly the older child should attain a certain level of linguistic ability.
Keywords: 와우이식 | 말명료도 | 선천성 심도 청각장애 아동 | 예측변인 | cochlear implant | speech intelligibility | prelingually deafened children
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