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Commun Sci Disord. 2004;9(1): 15-29.
Speech Rate and Pause Characteristics of Adults with Hearing Impairment
Mi Sun Yoon`
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윤미선(Mi Sun Yoon)
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Speech rate and pause are the suprasegmental factors which influence speech intelligibility of the deaf. The purposes of the present study were to investigate the differences and the characteristics of speech rate and pause in deaf adults. The subjects were 13 adults with profound hearing impairment and 13 adults with normal hearing matched in gender and age. Subjects’ hearing levels were measured by pure tone audiometers. Each subject was instructed to read a short story. Speech rate, articulation rate, pause duration, and pause frequency were calculated. The speech rate and the articulation rate of adults with hearing impairment were significantly slower than those of the normal hearing. Furthermore, intra-sentence pause durations and frequencies were significantly different between the two groups, but those of inter-sentence weren’t. The hearing-impaired group showed a longer intra-sentence duration and more frequent intra-sentence pauses than normal hearing group. The relationship between residual hearing level and speech rate showed a negative tendency. These results suggest that the intervention for segmental duration and intra-sentence pause duration are important for the better speech rate control ability of adults with hearing impairment.
Keywords: 청각장애 | 초분절적 요인 | 말속도 | 조음속도 | | 청력손실 | hearing impairment
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