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Commun Sci Disord. 2003;8(2): 111-126.
A Study of Core and Situational Vocabulary Ratio in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Board
Eun Hye Park` , and Young Tae Kim`
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박은혜(Eun Hye Park)| 김영태(Young Tae Kim)
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Selecting appropriate vocabulary items for an augmentative and alternative communication system is one of the most important steps in ensuring the effectiveness of a new AAC system. This study examined the validity of core vocabulary chosen from speech samples of young children without disabilities by applying those vocabulary items to the picture symbols of communication boards. Also this study attempted to find out the optimal ratios of core and situational vocabularies in a particular communication board. Communication characteristics of two groups(one group with 50:50 ratio of core and situational vocabularies, the other group with 70:30 ratio) were compared in terms of the success rate of communication, number of different words(NDW), and length of communication. Thirty elementary school students(second grade) participated in this study. They were randomly divided into two groups and each group performed two activities(eating snack, making Kim-Bap with play dough) using the communication board. The results indicated that (1) both groups showed high success rates of communication, and (2) group 1(that of 50:50 ratio) showed higher score in both the success rate and the NDW than the other group. Implications for AAC practices and recommendations for future research are offered.
Keywords: 보완대체의사소통 | 핵심어휘 | 상황어휘 | 의사소통판 | augmentative and alternative communication | communication board | core vocabulary
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