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Commun Sci Disord. 2003;8(1): 300-325.
Social-Communicative Competence to Promote Authentic Inclusion of Preschoolers with Disabilities
Lee SoHyun`
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이소현(Lee, SoHyun)
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The relationship between development of social interactions and communication abilities among young children has been acknowledged by researchers and practitioners. Although researchers and practitioners agree that social and communicative competence are closely related, there is relatively little research that specifically identifies and examines effective peer-related social-communicative competencies. The use of specific social-communicative skills is likely to facilitate peer-related social-communicative competence in preschoolers with developmental delay and to promote social integration in inclusive preschool settings. Therefore, this study is to provide a comprehensive review of the current research in the area of social-communicative competence of preschoolers with developmental delays as well as a discussion of social relationship of children with disabilities and their peers in inclusive preschool classrooms. This paper presents (1) an explanation on phenomena of social acceptance and rejection of preschoolers with developmental delays occurring in inclusive settings, (2) an overview of peer-related social-communicative competencies to target for intervention, (3) strategies for assessing peer-related social-communicative competencies, and (4) an intervention method for teaching peer-related social-communicative cometencies to preschool-age children with developmental delays. As a conclusion, this paper suggested ecological framework for guiding future teaching and research efforts.
Keywords: 장애 유아 | 사회적 통합 | 사회적 기술 | 의사소통 기술 | 사회-의사소통 기술 | 유치원 통합 | preschoolers with disabilities
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